An ISDN-Monitor is available from Berg Soft for free.

The Berg Soft ISDN-Monitor is a CAPI Monitor that monitors the S0-Bus of your first ISDN-Monitor ISDN-Adapter for incoming calls on any of your phone numbers. ISDN-Monitor resides in the system tray. An incoming call will popup a window with information about the calling number, target number and town (in Germany) or country of calling number. All incoming calls are stored in a list. You can assign a nickname and a sound file to every phone number. This name will be shown instead of the calling number and the sound wil be played. Incoming calls and nicknames are stored in editable lists. An optional reverse search via the internet is included!

Additional features: Outlook support, TAPI telephony support, programming interface for reverse search and number manipulation, grouping of numbers, assign sounds to MSN, target in call list, indicate calls with scroll-LED, activate/deactivate, automatically clearing older calls, clear calls without submitted number, reject calls depending on MSN/incoming number and much more...

Click the link below to start the download of the current version of the Berg Soft ISDN-Monitor.